May 20, 2016

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Show Notes

What have we been up to recently? I’m currently loving the top-down blaster ‘Alienation’ (the game not the existential break from you and your surroundings. Read my analysis of the game’s top-notch engagement mechanics here). Mr Cote is really enjoying a different unique (and great) title ‘Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time’.

We’re forgetting the big news however: Dead By Daylight release date and pricing has been announced! It is set for June 14th (the first day of this year’s edition of E3) and costs $19.99. Grab it here on Steam.

Cote is also back from PAX east and has a bunch of delicious info regarding his showing of the game to the wonderful fans, Twitch streamers and everyone who waited in line patiently to get hacked to pieces by the almighty killer.

We discuss the fact that ‘DbD’ was well planned: not a lot of feature creep, and very few freakouts leading up to the release. In the industry we can sometimes fall into the trap of judging prototypes too harshly before they are ready and tend to add too much stuff to compensate – this just one of the reasons that adds time to a project. Young designers: remember to take a deep breath and remember that polish is super important for all features.

We discuss the balancing of a 5 v 1 multiplayer game. What was the process of getting the numbers right in a title where the sides are clearly imbalanced: don’t change the core metrics that you have decided upon when first starting the project. The more you change them, the more trouble you will get into when you really start to balance the game.

We talk about what Dead by Daylight will feature in the initial release. Check out the steam page for full details of the offerings on hand come June 14th.

We end today’s podcast with the fateful words: VR is here. Yes, yes it is. And not a moment too soon for the both of us. We’re very excited for all of the possibilities this new tech will provide once we can get a few years into the tech. (Cote already has a Vive on order… a bit too rich for my blood but I know I will get a v2 or v3)   

Oh, and don’t forget to check out Dead by Daylight at this year’s E3… tell ‘em the Deep Fried Gamer sent you and you’ll get something special 😉

Dead by Daylight team at PAXEAST

People met at PAX:


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Mathieu Côté
Guest on this podcast: Mathieu Côté

Spending my days enabling talented people to be at their best, and being a social chemist to create semi-stable creative compounds called "dev teams". Nothing has ever made me so happy or fulfilled. After over a decade in the industry, I am starting to realize I might actually have a pretty good bead on what it actually takes to make a game. I, produce.