March 07, 2016

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Show Notes

In this episode I speak with an old friend of mine; Mathieu Côté, Producer on Dead by Daylight at Behaviour interactive. I speak to him about how he got his start in the game industry (with me!), what it takes to be a video game producer and, a discussion about dev diaries and ‘transparent’ game design.

Mathieu Côté will be a regular collaborator to this podcast.

Dead by Daylight: Dev Diary #1

In this episode we also talk about Sang Froid and Conflicks – Revolutionary Space Battles by Artifice Studio


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Mathieu Côté
Guest on this podcast: Mathieu Côté

Spending my days enabling talented people to be at their best, and being a social chemist to create semi-stable creative compounds called "dev teams". Nothing has ever made me so happy or fulfilled. After over a decade in the industry, I am starting to realize I might actually have a pretty good bead on what it actually takes to make a game. I, produce.