March 07, 2016

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Show Notes

In this episode, I speak with Kevin Neibert, game designer on ‘Livelock’, at Tuque Games. We discuss his background (he has a PhD!), and how he got into the business, his recent forays into PAX South and the ridiculousness that is Youtube comments. We also discuss our current gaming obsession ‘Helldivers’ and the possibilities of the newly minted VR space.

Kevin Neibert will be a regular collaborator to this podcast.

Livelock – Official Vanguard Reveal Trailer

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Kevin Neibert
Guest on this podcast: Kevin Neibert

Kevin completed a PhD in Nanomedicine at McGill University before getting his start in the video game industry. As a Science Media Consultant for Thwacke, he worked directly with the developers of Wasteland 2 and Outlast to create a more authentic and immersive experience for their players. His work has also been featured in Gametrailer’s The Science Of Games and in Kotaku. Kevin is currently the Lead Game Designer at Tuque Games, an Independent Developer based in Montreal.