March 17, 2016

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Show Notes

In this ‘cast we tackle the important topic of how necessary, and pointless planning is. Confused yet? Our humor will guide you through. We also discuss the honesty and integrity of youtube comments. Are you REALLY confused now? (to be honest I’m starting to get a little mixed up…) And we wrap up by talking about how getting into the game industry as a QA tester might be a good idea.

Dead by Daylight: Dev Diary #2


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Mathieu Côté
Guest on this podcast: Mathieu Côté

Spending my days enabling talented people to be at their best, and being a social chemist to create semi-stable creative compounds called "dev teams". Nothing has ever made me so happy or fulfilled. After over a decade in the industry, I am starting to realize I might actually have a pretty good bead on what it actually takes to make a game. I, produce.